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"Our suppliers are key to our success here at Publix."
Dave Duncan
Vice President, Facilities
Publix Facilities is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and procurement of capital equipment and services for our retail stores and facilities.  The group is comprised of the following six main departments:

Facilities Design

Provides a wide array of architectural, engineering and design services for Publix.  These services include in-house architectural and engineering, design development for Publix's new and remodel stores, shopping center design specification management for developers, and design support for Publix Maintenance departments.  Additionally, the Design Department utilizes outside architectural and engineering firms for certain portions of work related to new stores, remodel stores, and special projects.  Architectural and engineering firms are reviewed and selected periodically.

Facilities Construction

Facilities Construction outsources the actual construction aspects of New Stores, Remodels, and Special Projects to General Contractors (G.C.'s).  These General Contractors perform the fieldwork for these construction projects, working closely with the Facilities Construction department.  The G.C.'s are reviewed and selected periodically.

Facilities Purchasing

Procures capital equipment, fleet vehicles, services, and information technology (hardware, software, and professional services) for Publix's retail stores, distribution centers, and offices.

Facilities Services

Repairs and maintains Publix's retail stores.  There are Facilities Services Groups in each of Publix's four divisions: Atlanta, Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Miami.  For detailed information regarding Facility Services, click here.   (Adobe PDF Reader is required).

Facilities Technology Services (FTS)

Procures and manages information technology and telecommunications hardware and services for Publix's retail stores, offices, and distribution centers.  For detailed information regarding Facilities Technology Services click here.   (Adobe PDF Reader is required).

Purchasing Pre-Qualification
If you are interested in conducting business with the Facilities group, first you must complete the pre-qualification process. After you pre-qualify, you may be invited to participate in category reviews where you'll have the opportunity to gain Publix's business.

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