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About Publix Purchasing
Publix Purchasing is responsible for procuring quality products, equipment, and services, and is a collection of three main procurement groups within Publix Super Markets, Inc.:
Purchasing Pre-Qualification
If you are a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) vendor, a supplier who intends to sell branded products or items that are ready for retail sale (excluding Publix brand or private label), please visit our Corporate page for more information on pre-qualifying with Publix.

If you are a supplier of private label (Publix brand), raw materials, packaging, supply items (not intended for resale), equipment or services, and you are interested in conducting business with Publix, you must complete the pre-qualification process. After you pre-qualify, you may be invited to participate in category reviews where you'll have the opportunity to gain Publix's business. You may start the pre-qualification process by clicking onto the button below.

Category Review Schedule
Category Review
Launch Date
Launch Date
Equipment | Dairy Processing Equipment
ESL CIP Systems
Mar-2016 May-2016
Equipment | Cooling, Freezing, Material Handling and Storage
Ammonia System Segregation
Mar-2016 May-2016
Equipment | Baking Equipment
Bakery Krack Units
Mar-2016 May-2016
Equipment | Compressors
Compressor Soft Starts
Mar-2016 May-2016

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